2013 Project Reflections

Term 1 Sri Lanka Project Reflection:

  • Make a list of the most important things you learnt.

During this project, I have learnt many things such as how to make paragraphs shorter in a quicker way by crossing out the bits that I don’t need. I understand which bits I need by reading the whole text and then finding the main points. I also learnt how to gather my information by using Microsoft Student with Encarta by asking people how to use the program.

  • What can you do now that you couldn’t do before?

By doing this project I have gained lots of skills that I could never do before like memorizing my whole presentation. I believe this is a great skill as I can look at the audience the whole time while speaking to them. I also gained the skill to make a project in a time limit, which is a great skill as well because then, I can in the future when I have other projects, I will be able to always stick to the time limit.

  • What or who helped me?

The resources I used to help me in this project have really improved my research skills. I used the Internet, along with edustar bar programs. I got help from my parents and acknowledge my teacher Jess, for giving us time to work on our project during class time which really helped me, as I am very busy at home. I believe that I gave my all into this project because I have really extended my knowledge of researching.


Term 2 Circulatory System Project Reflection:

Ece, Theo and I researched about the Circulatory System. We worked together at a great pace and were facinated about the very interesting facts of this system.

The Circulatory System is one of the most important systems in the body. It controls the blood flow and starts of with oxygenated (red) blood leaving the heart and going into the arteries. The arteries lead into the veins. This whole process is called circulation.

We felt nervous, but confident our presentation. We put in a great effort to this project and had the right amount of neccesary information. We all felt done and dusted in our model, cue cards and presentation. We explained our information at a medium pace and spoke clearly.

Some of the facts I learnt were that the Circulatory System has two types of circulation in it called systemic circulation and pulmonary circulation. Also that the two common diseases of the system are Stroke and Coronary Heart Disease. Thirdly, wholegrain foods and exercise help keep the system healthy.

Some understandings I gained were that there is a whole variety of veins and arteries. Now I also understand that blood has a variety of cells as well that do completely different jobs but work together.

Lastly, this project left me wondering about why you might die when blood rushes to your head.


Term 3 Barry James Marshall Project Reflection:

In term 3, students were assigned a project, Going Beyond. In this project, students got to choose their partners if they wanted to or work by themselves. They had to find an explorer from the last 100 years, so they could not be land explorers. Students also got to choose who to research on. They had to find interesting way to present their project and could not use Powerpoint presentation. Shakira and I researched on Barry Marshall and did an interview. Shakira was Barry and I was the interviewer. • Three facts that I found interesting or surprising One fact that I found surprising was how many siblings Barry had. Barry had four siblings! They were William, Andrew, Marie and Clarence. That means he must have had a lot of responsibility though. Once Barry convinced William to climb a tree and he fell off and hurt his wrist really badly. Barry said that he still feels guilty for that. In addition, another fact I found interesting was that Barry Marshall injected H. pylori into himself just to prove that his cure was right. I wonder what would have happened if his cure was not right that would be bad. That is why I found this fact very interesting. Lastly, I also found the fact that scientists and doctors criticized Barry’s theory without even testing it. I found that quite surprising. • Two understandings I now have One understanding I now have is that Barry discovered the antibiotic treatment to cure gastric ulcers and stomach cancers, not antibiotics as I used to think. Another understanding I now have is that Barry James Marshall was a very enthusiastic child when he was little and worked really hard to achieve this dream as he wanted to help people with diseases from a very early age. • One wondering I am left with One wondering that I am left with is what Barry’s Mum’s name was. I could not find it on the internet and I am also wondering why her name was not mentioned. • What were the most important things I learnt? Something important that I learnt was that Barry started off as a registrar at the Royal Perth Hospital and then researched on spiral bacteria with his friend Robin Warren; then won the Noble prize with Robin Warren for discovering the H.pylori theory. • How did I learn it? The way I learnt it was by researching by computer and by reading Barry’s blog. I also knew who Barry Marshall was before I even did this project, so I had a little bit of prior knowledge.

• What am I going to do with what I have learnt? I am going to keep Barry Marshall in mind and use the information that I found out about him for future learning tasks. In conclusion, I found this learning task fun as Shakira and I enjoyed learning about Barry and putting our project together. We never had any arguments and had times where things were hilarious when we were putting our interview together.

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