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Hi, I’m Afrah and  I am a young 11 year old girl with black hair and eyes. I live with both my parents and have a younger brother. I also love Maths. I love drawing pictures and I love making things as well, especially if it’s a school assignment. I also love travelling.

I am a really creative girl and one of the things I like best, is to try new creative ideas. Most recently I made a cardboard machine, that can wash hair. It was for a school assignment. With that assignment, I also had to write a piece of text, about what mischief my machine can get up to.

On June the first, I will be going to Japan. I am going to Japan with my Brother, Mother and Father. I am going there because my Dad is going there as an invited proffesor.We are going to Japan for a month. I am really looking forward to going to Japan, because I get to see my birth place, which was a hospital  in Tokyo.

My favourite subject is maths, because I find maths more fun than any other subject. I especially like the maths games.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

5 thoughts on “About me

    • Hi Madeline, I think your about me is amazing. I like the fact how you made your voki say feel free to leave a comment, because it encourages people to leave a comment on your blog.

  1. Hi Afrah I like the Christmas thing I,m realy sorry but I lost your birthday invite but that dos,nt mean I,m not comming from astrid

  2. Afrah,
    Your blog is amazing! You will have to teach me more!
    Where are your 2013 posts? Swimming Sports, Classroom Considerations etc?

    • Thanks Jess!
      Of course I can teach you more!
      I have done all of those posts except the swimming carnival because I wasn’t there on that day.

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