GTAC Excursion

As a part of the theme of education week, scientists do amazing things, on the twenty-second of May, the 5/6s of MPPS went to visit GTAC. We learnt about recognizing how changing temperatures can affect the state of a substance.

We started off the day with a special demonstration. A scientist (Simone) asked us how many balloons would fit inside a fairly small container filled with an unknown substance. I guessed five. As soon as the lid was opened, cold gas started flowing out of it. It turned out that ten balloons fitted inside the container. I was surprised. Simone taught us why so many balloons could go inside. It was due to the liquid nitrogen that was in the container. Liquid nitrogen is a very, very cold liquid. It is negative one hundred and ninety-six degrees Celsius. Once the lid was opened, the liquid flowed as gas. The temperature liquid nitrogen was so cold, it had the power to affect the shape of the balloon. The balloons all shrivelled up. Once the balloons were taken out, they returned to their normal posture.

Next we were handed a sheet to show how the particles inside a blown up balloon would act compared to a shrivelled up one. The gas particles in a blown up balloon would move around freely, whereas the ones in a shrivelled up balloon with a smaller space would be tightly packed.

Afterwards, we learnt about how the steps of heating and cooling. If something were to be heating up, it would firstly melt, and then evaporate. If something were to be cooled, it would freeze, and then condense. After this, we headed out for recess processing in our head, what we just learnt.

At recess, we ate something to get our brains going and ran around to burn up our energy. Soon enough, we were back at GTAC.

Once we were back at GTAC, we were handed over to our special scientist mentors. My first mentor to go to was Adina. She informed us about a special water treatment. Firstly, you have to add a special translucent chemical called ‘Flocculent’. This brings all the dirt down to the bottom. Then the water must be filtered. After that, the water must be chlorinated in order for us to drink it.

My next scientist mentor, Paul, taught us about oil slicks. He told us about phosphate in the oil that harms nature and the oceans beauty. We measured the acidity of certain liquids with the pH test. Soon we moved onto a phosphate test. We measured the phosphate in a detergent that was so called ‘phosphate free’. It turned out that the detergent had a phosphate measure of 50! Since detergent goes down the drains, the phosphate in it ends up in oceans polluting it.

Next, a scientist mentor, Sam talked about the relationship between oil and water. Oil does not dissolve into water. Instead, it just stays up the top. Oil particles and water particles do not bond together. They repel from each other. He taught us a fast and efficient way to remove oil. You just mix detergent with it.

After that, we washed our hands to make sure they were clear of chemicals before heading out to lunch as Melbourne Uni. I was hoping to see my dad there (because he works at Howard Florey Institute), but I just missed him.

After that, we walked quickly back to GTAC to make sure we didn’t miss any activities. The activity was the last one for the day. We learnt a bit more about filtering water with Nicole and Shosh. We had a close look at the bacteria inside dirty water with both a compound and stereo microscope. Bacteria is tiny and isn’t visible to a naked eye.

Soon after, the day had flown by and we thanked the scientists of GTAC for a wonderful day. We arrived back at school right on time looking forward to our next session with GTAC.

Some things I remember are the processes of obtaining fresh water from dirty water, one step being to chlorinate. I remember looking through a huge microscope to see tiny bacteria super big. Another thing I remember is the lying detergent which was ‘totally’ phosphate free. NOT. I will remember that for a long time.

Some things I now understand are the reason why oil doesn’t mix with water and how to take oil away. I understand the different methods of how to take oil away along with the time it takes to do each.

I have learnt a lot of things in this wonderful experience, but I am still left with a question. Why doesn’t flocculent affect a human when swallowed?

The Senate and the House of Representatives

In class, we talked about the federal and state government. We were told to find out what two houses make up the federal parliament of Australia. We were assigned into groups of three and were assigned a state too. We had to find out how many people were in the house of representatives and senate of our assigned state in groups. After that, we were told to make some graphs on microsoft excel.

House of Representative Distribution in Tasmania

People in house of reps in Tasmania


Senate Distribution in Tasmania

People in Senate in Tasmania



For the past few days, our class has been learning about the government and how it works. The two houses that make up the government, direct representation, indirect representation and the three levels of government.

The two houses that make up the government are the ‘Senate (upper house)’ and the ‘House of Representatives (lower house).’

Indirect representation is when someone represents a group of people a person indirectly. Direct representation is when everyone is involved. The government represents people indirectly.

The three levels of government are the federal, state and local government. The federal government takes care of a whole nation. They take care of the national parks, roads, national libraries, etc. The state government takes care of the state parks, state libraries, etc. The local government takes care of cleaning roads, local libraries, local pools, etc.

In conclusion, I understand that the government takes cares of all areas in one nation and take care of different parts of one nation. I know that the population determines how many people each state go to parliament.

Bush fires across Victoria

Bush fires have been spreading quickly throughout Victoria. It was almost as bad as Black Saturday. Now that there has been some cool changes, fires are in control. Now that everything is burnt, how can fire investigators figure out how the fire started? My question was answered.

Fire fighters look for clues like for example, which part of the bush was burnt the most? It is apparent that a bush fire started in Victoria because of lightning. There was a big ditch in the ground which was a big clue. Now I know how fire investigators investigate.

Charlotte Dawson

Charlotte Dawson

Charlotte Dawson, part time model and TV host, has been found dead in the Sydney apartment. With the last photo that she shared on instagram, she was talking about people who suffer life-threatening cancer conditions. Witnesses say that she committed suicide because of depression, or her death was something to do with cancer.

Charlotte Dawson started to get depressed in her mid thirties when she broke up with Scott Miller. After this break up, Charlotte was continually being cyber bullied.

Schapelle Corby (Behind the News)

This is Schapelle Corby.

Schapelle Corby has just been recently freed from an Indonesian jail after trying to smuggle illegal drugs into Bali. While in jail, Schapelle wrote a book about her life, but all the profits were taken away from her. Now that she is freed from jail, she is being paid approximately $2 000 000 for every interview she takes part in. Shouldn’t the money be taken away from her?

Reference Website: Behind the News (Weekly)

Simon Gittany

Simon GittanySimon Gittany, a man from Sydney, is accused of murdering his Canadian fiance`, Lisa Harnum. The 40-year-old man is accused of pushing her off the balcony of their 15th floor apartment on Liverpool Street opposite Hyde Park on July 30, 2011.

A witness claims that Gittany made Harnum quit her job as a hairdresser and wouldn’t even allow her to go to the gym and interact with other people including her family and friends. It is also claimed that, that Simon only picked out her clothes and hairstyles. From the third witness, it is said that when Lisa was to go outside, she always needed to ask Simon and stare either him, or the floor to avoid eye-contact with other men. If she did look at other men, she would be harshly punished by her fiance`.

What Harnum did not know, was that Gittany had hidden cameras in her apartment and had access to all her phone calls and messages to see what she was up to. A witness explains a phenomenon planted in Lisa’s head. Apparently, on July 30, 2011, Lisa knew that she was going to die, so she decided to disobey one of Simon’s rules by visiting her family. Of course, Gittany knew what Lisa was doing. He went to their apartment on the fifteenth floor , and threw her off the balcony, murdering her.

When Simon threw Miss Harnum of the balcony, a witness claims that it looked like a black luggage bag. It is apparent from another witness that Gittany punched his fist up in the air after throwing her off.

Simon Gittany is now being questioned in court.


In class, we learnt about cyber safety. We had to get in pairs and got a pamphlet to jot down about. Then we had to summarize the whole thing including the keywords and phrases we had.
Here is the paragraph Layla and I wrote:
There are dangers on the social networks such as bullying inappropriate comments, identity theft, scams and possibly exposure to adult content. This may cause depression or other bad outcomes. Personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, home or school(etc.) addresses, sports teams, school names, and last names should be kept secret. If you are to put personal details on a social network, be sure to ask an adult you trust before you do so. You should always guard your privacy and say no to free offers.Adults should stay involved in what their child is doing on social networks and help them when they are facing a hard time socialising. Adults can even sign up for the website their child is using. Who knows, they might even end up having fun!

SuperSpell Results

Diagnostic Test 2

Spelling Skills Established:
Long Vowel Sounds - Vowel Diagraphs
Long Vowel Sounds - Silent 'e' Ending
Diphthongs - Vowels before 'r'
Silent Consonants
Verb Endings
Harder Plurals

Spelling Skills Partially Established:
Long Vowel Sounds - Single Letter
Vowel Diagraphs - Diphthongs
Soft Consonant Sounds 'c' and 'g'

Spelling Skills Not Established:

2013 Reflection

Hello world! Welcome to a new year! I hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas holiday and are ready to start a new year.

Last year, school was filled with joy, excitement, laughter and a lot of drama in 5/6. I was in Jess’s class last year and enjoyed it a lot. I believe that our class learnt a lot and enjoyed the wonderful learning experience. Along with learning, we played fun games like silent ball once in a while too. Last year I made a lot of new friends who sadly had to leave the school last year because they were either grade sixes and graduated, or was moving to a new school or country. I will miss them, but I think I can make a lot of new friends this year. This year I will be a grade 6 and will be at the top of the school. Thinking about this makes me nervous and excited at the same time. I am looking forward to all the great leadership opportunities this year and wish to become an SRC leader. This year I have moved classes and I am in Lee’ class like I was in grade 4.

Writing Course Week #6

This week was our last writing course for the year. We started off by editing our own work by using the editing cheat sheet. The editing cheat sheet focused on what you want to look for in your writing or somebody else’s writing. Then we moved on to edit somebody else’s writing. Everyone found it harder to edit their work than someone else’s. Then Ratna gave us her opinion on all our stories. Next we moved on to inventing our own magic porthole. We had to draw it and describe it. Then we took a group photo.