GTAC Lesson 5

On June the 12th, 2014, Chris and Maria came to our school for our final lesson. We learnt about fair test and rusting. We learnt about independent variables, dependent variables, controlled variables and control. We did a couple of experiments to explore this more.

Some things I remember are that an independent variable is the condition that is changed by the scientist. I remember that a dependent variable is what you measure in response to the independent variable. A controlled variable is a condition that is kept the same throughout the experiment. I remember control is a similar test where the independent variable is left unchanged to produce a comparison.SAM_3822

Some things I know understand is that different temperatures change the results by a vast amount. For an experiment to have the same result. Nothing must me changed. The same amount of heat should also be considered.

A question I am still left with is why does an alka-seltzer tablet dissolve faster in hot water than cold water?

GTAC Lesson 4

Untitled picture

On the fourth of May, 2014, Chris and Jacinta came to our school for our fourth lesson. We explored the concept of chemical change to broaden our knowledge on irreversible and reversible change for our mini project.

We started off by applying our prior knowledge. We had to find some objects that were reversible and irreversible. After that, we started five experiments. We had to predict, observe and explain each one. Then we had to decide whether each one was reversible, or irreversible.

Some things I remember are that a reversible change is a change that can be overdone and that you can get the original substance back. I remember that a reversible change is often called a physical or temporary change. I also remember that an irreversible change is permanent and can’t be overdone.

Some things I know understand are the reactions of a chemical change. I understand how dangerous different chemicals are and understand that just a simple little change such as adding one oxygen can make a completely different and extremely dangerous substance.

I have learnt a lot during this lesson, but I am still unsure about some of the reasons why chemical changes happen.



Showing the school values in sport

AfrahThis photo was about showing the school values in 5/6 sport. Before we go out to sport, all the grade 5/6s get told to watch out for anyone showing the four school values and to show them ourselves. Afterwards, we were told to draw a picture and write a little bit about our picture. My picture as shown above, in the first picture, it was about me being optimistic, and Justyn being caring in the next.

Working With The Preps

On February the 11th, while all the other grade 5/6s went to swimming, Justyn and I spent the day working with the preps. We did things such as helping them with maths, drawing and packing up.

Justyn and I spent the first period helping the preps with finger maths. We had to had to help them draw their hands in their scrap books and paste the numbers on them.

Next, we helped them write their names on big sheets of white paper. We had to help them find the letters in their name and tell them what they were so that the would be able to draw it on the paper. I helped many kids including Sonja, Brooklyn, Mohammed, Eva and Tasneem before moving on to my next job.

After doing some pencil sharpening for the preps to colour with, I did some work and soon enough, it was recess.

It felt weird having recess so early. The 5/6s would usually eat when the bell goes, while the preps eat 30 minutes early. The preps were adorable and would not stop talking. When the bell had gone, the preps and I played chasie.

After recess, I had to read a story called ‘Starting School’ to Jenny’s class. They enjoyed it very much.

Afterwards, Justyn and I did some pencil sharpening before finishing of the forth period.

At lunch, I read a book, played chasie again with the preps and played down ball with the wall.

Justyn and I just rested and worked for the last period before assembly with all the 1/2s, 3/4s and 5/6s.


Amusing Animal Acts

“Bring! Bring!” rang my phone.

“Hi Brianna! What’s up?” I answered.

“Something HUGE. Guess what?! I won tickets to Hawaii! I am going there with my family for 2 days!” screamed excited Brianna.

“Wow! That is awesome! When are you going?” I asked.

“I am going next week on Tuesday the 2nd of September. I was actually wondering if you could take care of my pet dog Ivona,”Brianna said.

“I would love to take care of your adorable dog! When should I come over to pick him up?” I questioned.

“Monday the 1st of September will be fine,” Brianna replied. “I will give you his timetable of what to feed him and all that stuff at school.”

“Cool! Bye!” I said.

“Bye!” Brianna replied. Monday the 1st of September came pretty fast.


“Ivona,” Brianna called. “Meet Afrah. She is going to be your mommy for 2 days. So be good!” I took Ivona to my house. Her schedule said that she had to be feed her breakfast at eight in the morning. When I went to feed Ivona, I saw her holding my phone with her paw to her ear and wolfing at it.

“What a clever dog!” I thought. “Does she always do this?” When I gave Ivona her bowl of dog food, she got my cereal spoon and started eating her food with the SPOON! I was absolutely amazed. When I came home from school, I saw her reading my dad’s newspaper! I did not know that Ivona could do such amazing acts. She was like a human. Did she even know that she was a dog? The next day, I accidentally did a knot in my shoe lace. Then Ivona came along and then she untangled it! Wow!

I wish I had a dog like Ivona as a pet. The next day, Brianna came to pick her up. Ivona is a lovely dog.