Why my High School is the Best in Victoria

The SEAL program at Uni High is by far, the best high school in Victoria. Uni High prepares students for Uni, at an age as young as year seven by teaching so many learning skills including leadership and organization.

Firstly, Uni High is a huge school as big as any Uni. Class starts early in the morning at 8:30 and you only have five minutes to get all your stuff out of your locker and race around the school to get to your class. There are over 900 rooms at Uni High! Because of this, you need to be extremely organized (especcially if you are in the SEAL program due to extra subjects).

In addition, in the SEAL program, there is no homeroom just like any Uni. We just have to go to the class we have.

Adding on, in the SEAL program, there is pressure on getting all our homework done and on public speaking. We have lots of competition. Teachers teach their children so that they can gain interest in learning and be determined to win or try their best.

Over two thirds of the students in the SEAL program get over 90 percent in their VCE!

Lastly, Uni High teaches leadership. That is what Uni High is about, leadership. We get so many leadership opportunities like being an SRC and school captain in older years.

In conclusion, Uni High is definitely the best school in Victoria due to all the leadership opportunities, public speaking, the pressure and all the aspects of Uni. t443