Read like a reader

We might think of this as the “normal” way of reading where we try to figure out what a piece of writing means by understanding the words a writer uses.

(With the following statements, I will write accordingly to the book, A World Without Princes)

1. Questions: Readers ask good questions about the things they read.

I am unsure about  why the gates to the school of good opened just because Agatha wished for Tedros. Why did Tedros choose Agatha over Sophie? Why was Sophie attacked just because Agatha wished for Tedros. Why did Sophie choose to take the risk she knew she couldn’t take?

2. Predict: Thinking about what the writer is going to write next.

When the attacks started, Agatha was sad and refused to look at Sophie’s fearful face. This made me predict that Agatha had thrown a spell that wasn’t suppose to attack Sophie. When she wished for Tedros, I thought that she wanted Tedros over Sophie (her only friend). This confused me. Sophie had always been so kind to Agatha.

3. Infer: Readers figure out things that aren’t actually written in the text.

Even though the author didn’t directly say that Sophie was having nemesis dreams of Agatha. I knew this because Sophie took a risk that only evil could overcome without the culprit (Agatha) noticing for a while.

4. Connect. We can’t help but be reminded of our own life as we read.

This book reminded me of a lot of fairy tales I read when I was younger. This is because the school of good and evil determine what character you end up being.

5. Feel: Readers have feelings as the read.

The suspense of this book had my feeling racing to find out what happens next. The adventure frightened me a lot. Especially the death of Tristan in the trial by tale.

6. Evaluate: Readers make judgments while they read.

This book was a pleasure to read. The suspense kept me engaged and the adventure made my heart pump hard. The ending was satisfying and wasn’t an obvious or old one (such as: I woke up and it was a dream). This book left me wanting for much more. At least for 20 other books in the series.

The 5 Big Questions: A World Without Princes

Big Question # 1: What makes this book good?

I believe ‘A World Without Princes’ is a good book because it has adventure and suspense. The suspense gets me gripped into the book wanting to know what happens next. The elements of the adventure are very interesting and engaging due to the mysterious aspects and descriptions. This book involves witchcraft and is a great thriller.

Big Question # 2: What would make this book better?

Something that would make this book better is a more exciting and interesting introduction. I find the introduction of this book a bit boring because it only talks about how life is going, family and friends. A more exciting introduction in my opinion would have emotion and a little climax that starts the adventure. In this book, the climax happens just a bit too suddenly.

Big Question # 3: What is the one most important thing the author wants you to know?

The one most important thing Soman Chainani probably wants me to know is that being evil has consequences. In this book, when Sophie turned evil, she suffered severe consequences and punishments. This is probably the moral of the story knowing that the series is called ‘The School for Good and Evil.

Big Question  #4: Why did the writer write this

Soman Chainaini wrote this to inform the reader that once something is done, can’t be re-done. In this book, Sophie did something evil that made her evil for life and that now scars her for life. She truly regrets it, but now, nothing can be done to change it. 

Big Question # 5: What does the audience need to know to understand and enjoy the book?

In my opinion, descriptions and suspense is extremely necessary to enjoy this book. Otherwise, I would simply find the story quick, and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the aspects of the story as much as I did.


The Five Facts of Fiction: A World Without Princes

Fact #1: Fiction is all about a character

Sophie is the main character of this book. She is immensely glamorous with luscious blonde curls and thick long lashes. With rose red lips, she smiles greatly. Sophie is quite comparable to a princess. But what lies beneath her fair skin is anything but beautiful. The insides of her are evil. Evil and desperate. 

Fact #2: Fiction is all about what your character wants

More than anything else in the world, Sophie wants to be with her best friend Agatha, and get rid of princes for good. Agatha however, wants her prince, Tedros, more than anything else in the world. Sophie would do anything to make Agatha choose her over Tedros. 

Fact # 3: Fiction is all about how your character gets or does not get what he/she wants

Sophie isn’t very successful at the end, but survives the obstacles along the way. Sophie was able keep Agatha as her friend, but still couldn’t stop Agatha’s desire for Tedros. Sophie has become very evil just to keep Agatha from Tedros even though Agatha trusted her.

Fact # 4: Fiction is all about how your character changes

In the beginning, Sophie was a kind and caring friend wishing for no more than her best friend. As a result of being dropped into the school of evil, Sophie turns out as a witch with nemesis dreams of her ex-best friend, Agatha. In the end, Sophie learns that friendship is everything when you are young, but when you’ve found love, your desire for it is much more than friends.

Fact # 5: Fiction is all about the world the author creates

In this book, Soman Chainani created the magical world of good and evil, full of witchcraft, wizardry, friendship and death. This book is a fantasy story enjoyed by readers mainly with interest in witchcraft and magic.
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Dairy of a wimpy kid a novel in cartoons book report

The main character of the book is a boy whose name is Greg Heffley. He is really not keen on sport but loves playing video games. The whole book is full of exciting events and stories that are centered on Greg and his best friend Rowley. Rowley is very brilliant who helped Greg out at terrible times. But their friendship became hilarious at some points.

One day at Greg’s high school, there was an announcement for people who wanted to join the safety patrol. So Greg and Rowley decided to join. Each day they would take little kids home from pre-school. One day Greg was naughty and was chasing the pre-school kids with a worm on a stick. But a friend of Rowley’s mum saw this event and mistakenly thought that it was Rowley.  She complained to the principal about Rowley. So Rowley got in trouble and that was when Greg and Rowley’s friendship started to become shaky. That was my favourite part because the other chain of events started happening afterwards were hilarious. 

I firmly loved this book and I read it in a day because I was so engaged with the story. The story was very entertaining and very exciting. This book was really gripping and I would highly recommend this book to younger readers.