Crimea – Russian or Ukrainian

There has been  a majoring crisis in Ukraine, in the province of Crimea. Russians are  attacking to ‘save’ Crimea and to bring it to Russia. Crimea was once part of Russia. A majority living in that province know how to speak Russian. A referendum will be held in Crimea about who wants to go to Russia, or stay in Ukraine. A majority want to be a part of Russia as they have grown up there and have learnt to speak that language. Russian flags are already starting to be hung up around places of Crimea. Although, many are anxious about what the referendum might lead to. People are protesting against war to save their lives. Even young children too young to vote are protesting to have their say.

Missing plane MH370

A Malaysian Airlines plane has been missing for more than 24 hours on route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur.

The flight MH370 was carrying 239 passengers including six autralians. Malaysian officials claim that two people were travelling on stolen passports, so terrorism may have been the cause of the missing plane.

Officials also claim that the plane had turned back before disappearing south of Vietnam. The South China sea is now being searched, but so far, there has been no definite sign of any wreckage.

Paul Weeks, a 39-year-old mechanical engineer from New Zealand based in Perth’s northern suburbs, was on board flight MH370 travelling to Mongolia for fly-in-fly-out job.
Paul Weeks moved to Perth in 2011 with his wife and two children.

He has two sons. A three year old named Lincoln and a ten month old son named Jack. “When is daddy gonna skype?” the three year old repeats continuously. “Lincoln, daddy went to Mongolia and-,” his mother cries. “He got lost.

“It is OK mummy. I will find daddy,” Lincoln replies.

Lincoln and Jack’s mum is deeply heartbroken.

An oil slick was found, but it may not relate to the sudden disappearance of the plane.  Everyone is now being told to expect the worst.


Smart Phone Hacking Problems

Smart phones have become a regular phone which nearly every adult uses. There are advantages, but big disadvantages ruin its central activity.

Smart phones can get in wrong hands and can be used to hack and abuse. Now days, women are regularly stalked and monitored. The Domestic Violence Resource Centre of Victoria surveyed 152 workers from Melbourne’s domestic violence sector and 46 survivors in response to smart phone harassment.

More than 96 per cent of the workers reported direct experiences of people using mobile softwares to stalk women, and about 29 per cent of workers pointed out GPS or GPS-based applications like Apple’s Find my iPhone or Find my Friends. The apps were designed to track missing devices or connect friends, but they soon become weapons of abuse in the wrong hands.

A victim claims that her husband hacked into her email and was monitoring all her personal emails, so she could not hide anything from him.

Another victim says that he had to flee the district he lived in due to a teenager locating him just through his son’s name.

In conclusion, smart phones are a continual guide to hacking and abuse should be avoided. If you are suspecting something, visit this link.

Bush fires across Victoria

Bush fires have been spreading quickly throughout Victoria. It was almost as bad as Black Saturday. Now that there has been some cool changes, fires are in control. Now that everything is burnt, how can fire investigators figure out how the fire started? My question was answered.

Fire fighters look for clues like for example, which part of the bush was burnt the most? It is apparent that a bush fire started in Victoria because of lightning. There was a big ditch in the ground which was a big clue. Now I know how fire investigators investigate.