BTN Greenhouse Gasses

Some of the world’s  op scientists say that greenhouse gas levels are now the highest they’ve been in 800 000 years. The warning was contained in the United nation’s latest report on climate change which was released last week. Heat from the sun keeps us all happy, making trees stay alive and even making fruit grow. But how does too much heat affect the earth?

When heat hits the ozone layer, part of it gets absorbed and part of it goes up into space. On the way, some of it gets stuck by something called greenhouse gasses. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas.

A question I still have is why do some gases absorb heat and some reflect heat?


BTN Antarctica

I remember that researchers think of Antarctica as paradise. Antarctica stores all most up to ninety percent of the world’s ice. I also remember that it is one of the windiest places on earth.

Now I understand why Antarctica is paradise for scientists. It is because of all the scientific research they can do with the creatures and ice samples. I also understand now why so much money and equipment is forwarded to researchers.

A question I still have remaining is how do researchers know that they have found ice from up to a thousand years ago?

Chocolate (BTN)

Chocolate is a delicious product named as the food of the gods. Bust what goes in the chocolate to make it so delicious? Chocolate dates back to the time of ancient aztecs in central America. The discovered something called cocoa. Cocoa was mixed with water to create a special drink they called, xocolatl which was often drunk in religious ceremony. It was offered in churches to the god. Soon after, a Spanish explorer introduced the bitter tasting xocolatl to Spain. Eventually, a dutch many used the cocoa beans to create beautiful tasting chocolate.

Chocolate is made when the raw cocoa beans from all around the world are pealed and roasted with a special machine. They are then grinded into pure chocolate in its liquid form. Icing sugar and milk are then mixed with the cocoa mixture with the help of a machine. The product that comes out of the machine is gritty and need to be smoothed. Another machine does that job. After the chocolate is smoothed, with yet another machine, it is shaped into the form it needs to be in so that it is ready to packet up and sell to shops.

Chocolate is delicious, and I understand how it is made, but one question I still have is, how can cocoa, a bitter item, be transformed into a delicious product with only the help of milk and icing sugar?

Pearls (BTN)

Broome is known for its red dusty soil and beaches. But it is known best for it’s pearls, its industry starting in the 1800s. Western Australia is one of the biggest pearl industries in the world making something like $200 000 000 a year.

Pearls are beautiful shiny white spheres. But how are pearls actually made. Well, it starts in the dirty depths of the ocean. It all starts with a shell. If a foreign objects enters the shell, it is protected. It is kind of like the shell getting a splinter. Once the object enters the shell, its natural reaction is to protect it and coat it in a shiny white substance, eventually creating a perfect pearl. Pearlers dive in to the deep depths of the ocean to collect these raw pearls for manufacturing. While the pearls are at a raw state, they get sent to Japan so that it is processed into the manufactured finished product so that it is ready to sell and get turned into beautiful jewellery.

Did you know that the largest and most expensive pearl ever found is known as the Pearl of Lao Tzu? It measures 24 centimeters wide and weighs about six kilograms. It costs around $60 ooo ooo!

A question I would still like to know is what is the substance that coats the foreign object in the shell called?


What is Diabetes? (BTN)

I watched a video recently about types of diabetes and what it is.

When you eat sugar, most of it produces energy with the help of something called insulin. The problem with diabetic patients is that they don’t produce the insulin properly and the sugar gets out of control in their blood flow. Diabetic patient must control their sugar levels regularly by either eating sugar or taking insulin 3.

There are two types of diabetes. One is called type 1 and the other is called type 2. Type one is when your body doesn’t have enough sugar. But sugar can be a best friend or arch nemesis of a person with type 1 diabetes. Sometimes their sugar level might get a bit too high. This is when they need something called insulin 3.

Type two diabetes doesn’t really affect children and mainly affects adults. As you might have guessed, type 2 diabetes is  the opposite of type 1 diabetes. Type two diabetes is when the patient has too much sugar and needs to have a regular dose of insulin three and control the amount of sugar they digest. Diabetic patients need to have their sugar level checked regularly.

I now understand that if a diabetic patient happens to inject insulin three or sugar at the wrong time, they will become seriously sick and they might even die. This is why diabetic patients need to check their sugar level regularly.

No one has found the cure to diabetes, but scientists are looking for the cure. But that could be a while off. Some diabetic patients are born with cancer and others get it as they get older.

A question I have remaining is what happens inside the body when someone  is born with diabetes?


Gerard Bayden-Clay Court Case (BTN)

3 Recalls                                                                                         

  • Gerard Baden-Clay had a desire to start a new relationship with Toni McHugh without telling his wife, Alison. Alison spoke to him about it when she had found out and calmly asked him to choose her or Toni.
  • The court rejected Mr. Bayden-Clay’s appeal that the wounds on his cheek was of a shaving blade. The court strongly suggested that the wounds were of sharp nails like the one’s on Alison as she was struggling to fight free from her murderer’s (Gerard’s) grip.
  • Mr. Bayden-Clay was given a life sentence in prison and will at the minimum spend 15 years in jail before a parole.

2 Understandings

  • I understand why Bayden-Clay received a life sentence in prison. It is because of the way he brutally killed his wife before throwing her into a creek bed before calling triple zero to report her missing.
  • I understand why the members of Alison’s family strongly suspect Bayden-Clay as the murderer. This is because all the evidence points to it, one being the thought to be nail wound.

1 Question

  • A question I still have is why was Bayden- Clay so calm with the fact that his wife was dead even though he appealed to the court saying that he wasn’t the murderer?


BTN Riots at Nauru

In the small Micronesian country, Nauru, last year in July, was a deadly riot. Two asylum seekers have been jailed on Nauru for their involvement in this activity.

One asylum seeker received a two year and five months sentence for unlawful assembly and riot, while the other asylum seeker received a reduced sentence of 11 months.

“The purpose of sentencing the accused persons today is deterrence,” Magistrate Ropate Cabealawa said. “This is deliberately done to send out a strong deterrent message to the offenders and potential offenders that their conduct is completely abhorred and rejected by society.”

“Those who indulge in these kinds of activities should expect to receive long sentences.”

The Nauruan government said the riot had cost $60 million in damages.

BTN Science of Qantas Airlines

Qantas airlines has a science of interest when talking about air fares charged to consumers.

Someone may be sitting next to a person who paid three times more or less than them, all because of the airline industry. Basically, the fares are divided into sections and are purchased with different restrictions.

Generally, the fewer the restrictions, the higher the price. Business class travellers are willing to pay more to enjoy the freedom, whereas an average traveller does not need or want this freedom and luxury.

In industry systems, fares rise and drop. This may be a frustration to travellers and may potentially reduce consumers and travellers.


A 15 month-old boy fell from the 11th floor balcony of an apartment in Minneapolis last Sunday and somehow survived.

The baby (Musa Dayib) is in a critical but stable condition with many injuries including a concussion, broken back, broken arms and bruises to his heart and lung. The fall was initially thought to be devastating but turned out the opposite.

Musa Dayib and his 3 year old sister were playing in their apartment when unintentionally, Musa Dayib’s sister opened the balcony door to play a game of some sort. When Musa Dayib’s sister came to her father searching for Musa, the father sprinted to the balcony only to see Musa’s hand slide off the railing.

Musa was lucky to have landed on something soft. If that didn’t happen, Musa probably wouldn’t be alive today.