100 Word Challenge Week 27

Traipsing through the snow, rambling through forests and drifting along scenic views, to do the job of a night zoo keeper. Protecting animals all through the night, going on vast adventures and risking your life to try and save others. Go into forbidden lands, shoot down monsters and  slash through ice jungles. Stay up all night to keep the secret of the night zoo. I’d help any animal in need, if only I were the night zoo keeper.

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100 Word Challenge Week 26

Tweet! The birds sing their night time song

I haven’t heard anything so beautiful in so long

The sun slowly makes its way down

I look at it and all around

Soon the sky darkens

I feel sharp wind on my contact lens

The stars twinkle brightly as I look up in awe

I feel so comfortable, and look to see my sore

To my amaze, it healed thanks to night time magic

My stomach churns and suddenly I start to feel sick

Then slowly the pain goes away…

Look up. Can you see […]


100 Word Challenge Week #25 [But when she lifted the lid…]

Midnight. The devious vulture rolled onto the scorching hot sand leaving a trail of thick, red blood behind her. The trees rustled violently as the breeze whooshed madly rocking the vulture rapidly side to side. A looming shadow limped through the broad hedges of fading green looking for its prey. It spotted the vulture and blundered towards it. The vulture could not run and had no other choice than to die. The shadow picked it up and spotted a coffin-like box under its wing. But when it opened the blood-covered lid, the shadow’s piercing screams weren’t ever heard again.









100 WC Week 24

There was three little pigs. One built a house out of bricks, one out of sticks and one out of straw. The wolf got to the house of bricks. He got a huge digger and demolished the house. Immediately, he fell in love with the girl piggy, Zafira. Zafira instantly fell in love with the wolf. Together, they bought a mansion layered with fine bricks and limestone. The inside was sparkling from the polished marble floor while red roses layered across the Valentine’s room. On Valentine’s day that year, together they demolished little piggy houses and chased them round very happily.

100 wc week 23

5:25 am: “Waaa waa wa!” my brother cried. His piercing cries were loud enough for me to scream. “Urgh!” I groaned restlessly. As my eyes adjusted to the bright morning light, I gazed at the  scenic peachy sunrise. I closed my eyes and opened them again with a jolt. The sky was dark. What happened to the morning? I went straight down to the living room to see the morning news. It was an eclipse. While a rare life threatening meteorite was pushing its way through the Earth. What do I do?! Stay calm. Argh! How can I stay calm. I dashed out of the house hauling my family behind me.

100 Word Challenge Week #22

Midnight. As the clock struck twelve, I was guided by  the guardians of Korocognito into a magic porthole. A bright light blinded my eyes as an image shined above my face. I could not make out what it was. Then I noticed a huge shadow looming behind me. It looked like a ghost. “Oh no!” the guardians whispered. “We don’t have much time!” In a split second, I was in a world of wonder. I opened my eyes to see flying pigs and purple trees.  Sculptures were spread out unevenly on the grit covered street, while chatters of a foreign language crowded around me. “Where am I?” my voice echoed.

100 Word Challenge Week #21

Meetings were held across the country Afghanistan, to find the culprit who stole the missing diamond from Princess Randah Abdul Fatah’s beloved necklace, ‘The Kidney of the Sea’. Princess Fatah was so depressed. The Kidney of the Sea was given to her from her loving father who just passed away seven days ago. The Afghanistan government claims that a man named, Mohammed Abdul Suleiman is the culprit. Mohammed was just set free from jail a day ago after his eight year sentence because of stealing a rare, gold hundred thousand dollar ring. He is now being questioned in court while his house and family is being searched for an answer.

100 Word Challenge Week #16

Finally! It is the last day of school! Thank goodness! The whole school year was filled with so much drama and emotion. I cannot wait until it is New Year’s Eve so I can stay up all night, enjoy myself and start a new year which will hopefully have less drama in it, but the holidays did not exactly have a good start. When I threw myself onto the sofa to watch TV, there were no batteries in the remote. I asked my mum for some and she gave me two. But when I put the batteries in it… “Aryan!!!!”

100 Word Challenge – Week #17

I love custard day, especially because I love custard. Every year on July the 4th, all the swimming pools in Genovia get filled up with custard. This celebration is to commemorate the great Genovian man, Sir James Custard, for the invention of custard. Custard is the modern saying, but in 1456, Sir James named his invention the ‘cusman.’ In 1468, the queen of Genovia, Amilie Fung , renamed cusman to custard to commemorate him. He got knighted in 1471. Last year when I went to the local swimming pool, the custard was orange flavoured(my favourite) and tasted very, very delicious.

100wc week #15

As I looked into the crystal ball, I could just make out a faint image of Caroline and Girt working on their latest piece of art, “Carolinta.”It was an abstract image of blurry pink ribbons from Caroline’s hair, and the thread from Girt’s skirt all messed about. Soon this painting became famous. Who knew that it would be famous only under Girt’s name…