Valedictorian Speech

Welcome fellow year six students, teachers an parents to our year six graduation for 2014.

Primary school has been such a roller coaster; from Friday fun, to the excitement of camp in year three. We have never had time to spare an dull moment. It’s going to be hard to leave the school with people we have spent so much of our life with.

I will never forget the memories of this wild and exciting journey. Every learning skill that has been taught will be the reason for all our successes in the future. What Moonee Ponds Primary has taught us will stay firm in our sight, it has prepared us for the future, the first piece of our picture.

Moonee Ponds Primary has taught us to be intelligent. Many of us have been showcased on 100 Word Challenge which is a part of our weekly homework. Whether we have improved on Maths, English, or Science, we’ve all learnt how to gain interest in learning.

I have endless memories that started right back in prep. We were introduced to people, most of whom are still here with friendship bonds too strong to break. The year two sleepover was definitely the highlight of P-2, but I have got to admit that camp in year three was even better! Year five was a year I was definitely nervous to move up to. We got to experience so much leadership opportunities which came with a lot of responsibility. So many people worked at recesses and lunchtimes to do their work to the best level possible.

Every month was jam packed each month with a special event to pick out. We have had four principals, two name changes, and numerous specialists each with their unique talent which has taught us to be diverse. Diversity definitely shows in the year sixes. Getting to experience this all has been a lifelong gift.

It will be so hard to leave this journey. The day that we had been waiting for from prep, but the day that we now dread. It’s true that you only miss it when it’s gone. Starting in a new school with people you barely know will be nerve wracking, but how can starting fresh not sound exciting? But starting fresh doesn’t mean we will forget all our previous friendships and memories.

But our journey is definitely not over. We will work hard holding on to all the skills this school has taught us for another six years until we graduate in year twelve.

As we all bid farewell tonight, we won’t be leaving with all our past forgotten. We will stay with friendships, skills and memories that will remain for eternity. We will say goodbye with a smile on our face and our heads held high because we all are the graduates of Moonee Ponds Primary 2014.

Thank you


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