Week with the Prep, 1/2s

Last week was my week with the prep, 1/2s. So this is how the day started off…

I rushed up to put my bag in my locker and organized the things that I would be needing for the day. As the bell sounded, I walked down to Senada’s class. Soon enough, I started my worksheet. I skimmed through a lot of the questions, but I had to stop and research for some others. I was about halfway through the worksheet when the bell for reccess went.

At reccess, I hung around with the 1/2s and played two-touch with Ijaz, Sebastian and some other people.

After reccess, I completed my worksheet, but was left unsure about some questions.

Lunch came pretty quickly and went like the wind when I played skipping with Stephanie, Tasneem and Eva.

After lunch, I read quietly and wrote a thorough reading reflection.

That night, I finished my frameworks that I was supposed to do.

The next day, Takee, Raju and I went to David’s class. We worked on our solar project. We all brainstormed on what we could write. After that, I typed it all up. After printing all of it, Takee drew the first sketch of our solar cooker, I drew the second, and Raju drew the third.

At reccess, Takee spent spent his time trying to make Ijaz like him, while I sat back and watched all the fun.

After reccess, I helped the teachers organize some stuff, helped the 1/2s with their work, and read for a while.

At lunch, I spent my time designing a special pillow.

After lunch, it was the usual. I engaged myself in my wonderful book.

The next day, I was away because I woke up late and my parents refused to take me to school.

On Thursday and Friday, we spent the day with the preps, helping out the teachers and playing with the preps at reccess and lunch.

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