Eid at Comilla

Eid at Comilla, Bangladesh (My dad’s side of the family lives there) was amazing. Let me start from the beginning… The day before Eid was filled with joy. A lot of you will be wondering what Eid is. Eid is a Muslim festival based on Islamic beliefs. Anyways, all the girls sat down to apply henna. My aunt Tanya applied mine, and I applied henna on a few of my younger cousins [I have so many cousins that I have lost count. Some of my cousins even have kids making me an auntie. That makes my uncle (my dad’s brother)who is in year seven a great uncle!].

On that evening we received a cow and three goats. I was really scared of the huge cow. Don’t laugh because there is a reason…

When I came to Bangladesh in year three, I went to see the cow that was going to be killed for Eid. Suddenly, when my dad was chatting happily away, the silly cow came chasing after me. I stuck on to the wall behind me and the cow nudged me into it’s drinking water filled with twigs, sticks, stones and hay. My dad reached out to save me but ended up falling on top of me. Luckily neither one of us were injured. After cleaning myself up I had a thought. I was the only one wearing red that day. I had a feeling that the so called cow was a bull. The thought of that made me shiver.

Anyways, moving on, the cow was one thing, but the goats were another. The eldest goat was calm and humble, but the other two goats caused complete chaos. Seriously, they could not keep quiet for one second! One of my younger cousins Himel, thought of a so called brilliant idea. He poured a huge amount of water on the two goats. Well that didn’t do anything. The goats screamed even louder. I didn’t think that I was going to have a peaceful sleep that night…

Well, as I thought, I definitely had a dodgy sleep. When all the boys got ready early in the morning and went to the Mosque to pray, all the girls got ready in their new glamorous dresses as well as doing their make-up. I wore a red and orange salwar kameez as well as sandals lined with fake crystals. I also wore jet black eye liner and dark red lipstick. I had my hair out and strutted toward’s my friend’s house.

The day went on like this having fun at my friends house, having delicious food prepared by my aunties at home.

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