Day 22 in Bangladesh

Today I’m spending the night at my mum’s sister’s (and her husband’s) place.

Apart from this, the day went on as usual. Watching TV, and playing with my little brother, Aryan.

6 thoughts on “Day 22 in Bangladesh

  1. Dear Afrah,
    Wow Bangladesh seems amazing. To bad we can’t come over and spend some time with you. Sammi and I would like to know which day has been your favorite so far? And how many Salwar Kameez do you have? And how do you say your friends name, Jhumu? When are you coming back, we miss you?
    From Sammi and Ruby
    p.s. It was so funny when you scared your auntie πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Dear Ruby,
      Bangladesh is amazing.
      But as good as it is, it would have been even better if all my friends could come over and spend some time with me.
      My favourite day so far would definitely have to be on October the sixth.
      On that day was a festival which all Muslims celebrate.
      I have a lot of Salwar Kameezes.
      So many that I have lost count.
      I am coming back on November the 3rd and I can not wait.
      It was very funny when I scared my auntie. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
      Now she’s eager to get back at me. πŸ˜›
      Anyways, see you at school.
      Yours sincerely,

  2. Hi Afrah!

    It sounds like you are having a really great time in Bangladesh! We wish that we were there. We were wondering what sort of celebrations you hold in Bangladesh? Such as Christmas and Easter. What are they called and what are they celebrating?

    We are happy (not your cousin, Happy) that you have been back to your family. What sort of activities are you going to do?
    Are there any temples you are going to visit. Thanks for updating your blog.

    From Melina

    • Hi Melina,
      I sure am having a great time here in Bangladesh. I do wish you were here with me.

      There are lots of different wonderful celebrations here such as Eid-ul Fitr and Eid-ul Adha. Eid-ul Fitr celebrates the end of Ramadan. Eid-ul Adha comes a month after Eid-ul Fitr. This Eid is based on an Islamic belief.

      There were a lot of fun events. One was celebrating Eid-ul Adha in Comilla (My Dad’s side of the family live there).

      There aren’t any temples in Bangladesh because they are called Mosques. No. Unfortunately I didn’t visit any Mosques.

      Thanks for the comment.
      See you,

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