Day 21 in Bangladesh

Today I went shopping in what felt like the biggest fanciest shopping mall ever. As I strut into the cool air conditioned place, my eyes glanced quickly at all the beautiful shops. I walked into a shop selling the prettiest shoes. I saw the most amazing golden high heels. My dad bought them for me. After that, since it was already 1:30 PM, we decided to have lunch.

After the most amazing meal, we bought gifts for family and items for ourselves. I bought a traditional Bengali dress (Salwar Kameez) consisting of a   dress, scarf, and pants. My Salwar Kameez has a deep blue at the start of the dress, topped of with hot pink flowing down like a dress. The scarf was hot pink embroidered with gold. The pants were cream white with a line of pink down the bottom. I bought matching shoes with it too. I bought hot pink wedges with crystals lined up at the heel.

After that, we came home, had dinner, and awaited for the next day to come.

2 thoughts on “Day 21 in Bangladesh

  1. Hey Afrah,
    That dress sounds amazing and the I wish I could have those shoes. Imagine golden high heels. There were a few mistakes but we learn from them so there is nothing to be worried about. Your piece great and can’t wait for the other entries.

    From Lydia,Ore and our new student VERICA

    • Hi Lydia, Ore and Verica,
      Nice to hear from you guys.
      I will sure be putting on more entries and I hope you will enjoy them as much as you enjoyed this one.
      Yours sincerely,

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