Day 15 in Bangladesh

I’ve just come back from Comilla and I am completely exhausted. I had a blast of a time…

When my family and I had arrived in Comilla, we were greeted by many from far and wide which felt very welcoming and good start for the journey that lay ahead. photo 4

I quickly went into my room, washed my face and did my hair. I met my dad outside. My dad’s brother was leading us to a special “surprise” that Dad and I had no idea about. Then suddenly, in a glimpse of time, we were pelted which fresh smelling flowers.

After that, an uncle of mine introduced my dad and I to the local kids living there.

photo 1

After that my dad had to give a quick little speech. Afterwards, one by one, all my uncles running the local coaching centre gave my dad a necklace of flowers. photo 2

Just before sunset, I thought of quickly visiting an old friend of mine, Jhumu. I met her all the way back in grade one when I came to Bangladesh and we still remain friends today (Fun Fact: Jhumu is only 24 days older than me). We grasped each other in a hug and she promised to visit me sometime soon. I got home just after sunset in time for a delicious dinner prepared by my lovely aunties. After that, I changed my clothes and fell into a deep sleep dreaming about the wonderful adventures ahead the instant my head hit the pillow.

I woke up the next day to the sound of a cockerel beaming proudly. I did my quick morning stretches. After brushing my teeth, I gulped down my marvellous breakfastphoto 4quickly and ran out to play. I waved goodbye to my auntie (in year 9) going to high school and couldn’t wait until Friday (In Bangladesh, children only have a one day holiday per week which is on Friday).

After that, I sat down to watch TV. I love Bangladeshi Channels. Star Jalsha is my favourite…

When my auntie came home from school and we had our lunch, we wandered around the local shops and went over to Jhumu’s house. Jhumu is a spectacular artist. You should see her drawings.

I came back home at late evening and read a bit. Soon enough it was time for dinner. I was seated at a round table next to my dad who was chatting nonstop, happily away with his friends. In the meantime, I was sweating from the amount of spices put in the chicken. Bangladesh is well known for its spices. Soon after, it was time to go to bed. A lot of the week went like this.

The following Wednesday after I had had my lunch, Tanya, my auntie took me out for an afternoon stroll. We looked at the green view, ponds and we visited lot of family and friends whom I  was grateful to meet.

On Thursday afternoon, my dad decided to get dirty and catch some fish. Instead of a fishing rod, a big net was used to catch the fish. When we came home, my aunties fried the fish and we had our lunch.

photo 3

Friday, Friday, Friday, the day I was waiting for. Our plans got slightly changed and we were going to explore the markets around Comilla. We called a CNG (not found in Australia)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  and we were on our way.

As the CNG jerked up and down on the stony pathway, I looked at the view and was really enjoying the experience. Soon enough, we had stopped at our destination at a big piece of land. It was so serene and calm. Everyone was so hardworking, building houses, cutting grass with plain knives, all in the blazing 34 degree heat.

My face was soaking wet once we had caught another CNG. We stopped at a fabric shop to pick out some fabric for my mum and my clothing. I chose a pretty sky blue fabric with streaks of white, and my mum chose a purple fabric splashed with twinkling bright colours. After that, we bought some bedsheets and saris. Then Dad bought my brother and I ice-cream. Then we were on our way to two of my grandmother’s houses. It was great meeting all these wonderful people again.

After that, we had lunch at my uncle’s place before returning home tired and boiling hot. After dinner, Jhumu came over and applied henna most beautifully on my hand. I fell asleep instantly one she left.

The next day, three of my favourite cousins came over to our house, Abu Huraira, Rakhi and Happy. Once they came we gossiped and Happy did my hair most beautifully.

photo 4After that we took some photos

The next night, two of my cousins and I decided to get funky. We did our makeup and wore beautiful looking saris.

photo 1


Unfortunately the day had come, when we leave Olipoor and go back to Dhaka. But oh well, I was happy to see my grandparents in Dhaka and anyways, I was going back to Olipoor at Eid.

4 thoughts on “Day 15 in Bangladesh

  1. Hey afrah,
    that was a very long post! you must be having a wonderful time seeing freinds and family I miss you a lot and cant wait to see you again.
    Madeline 🙂

    • Hi Maddy!
      Finally, a comment.
      I agree, it was a very long post.
      But it was a post of what I did in Olipoor for 15 days, so I guess it’s reasonable.
      Please, please, please read Day 19 in Bangladesh.
      It is now day 23 in Bangladesh, and I can’t wait to come back to Australia and see you again.
      See you again,
      Afrah 😀

  2. Hey Afrah,

    It looks like you are having a great holiday in Bangladesh so far hope your enjoy remaining month in Bangladesh. The food looks different from what we have in Australia. Hope you have a safe trip back Australia.

    From Lydia,Ore and our new student verica

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