Day 3 in Bangladesh

The morning got off to a serene start. I felt the warm breeze in my face and had my breakfast. Now I’m here writing on my blog. I’m really excited about today. I’m visiting my dad’s place in Comilla. Let me tell you a bit about the place.

My dad lives in a section of Comilla called Olipoor. There are many families in Olipoor. Many of them are my relatives. There is heaps of children whom I can play with which I’m really excited about. I remember, when I last went to Bangladesh, I made a friend called Jhumu. I’m really excited about seeing her.

It looks like the van is here to pick us up. I better go.

(I won’t be able to write at Comilla due to Internet issues, but I’ll write as soon as I get back to Dhaka :D)

2 thoughts on “Day 3 in Bangladesh

  1. Dear Afrah,
    I hope you make more friends this time round and your other friend Jhumu and you have lots of fun!

    India and Fidelya

    • Hi India and Fidelya,
      I sure did make a lot more new friends.
      There’s is about one more week until my big adventure is over.
      See you soon,

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