Chocolate (BTN)

Chocolate is a delicious product named as the food of the gods. Bust what goes in the chocolate to make it so delicious? Chocolate dates back to the time of ancient aztecs in central America. The discovered something called cocoa. Cocoa was mixed with water to create a special drink they called, xocolatl which was often drunk in religious ceremony. It was offered in churches to the god. Soon after, a Spanish explorer introduced the bitter tasting xocolatl to Spain. Eventually, a dutch many used the cocoa beans to create beautiful tasting chocolate.

Chocolate is made when the raw cocoa beans from all around the world are pealed and roasted with a special machine. They are then grinded into pure chocolate in its liquid form. Icing sugar and milk are then mixed with the cocoa mixture with the help of a machine. The product that comes out of the machine is gritty and need to be smoothed. Another machine does that job. After the chocolate is smoothed, with yet another machine, it is shaped into the form it needs to be in so that it is ready to packet up and sell to shops.

Chocolate is delicious, and I understand how it is made, but one question I still have is, how can cocoa, a bitter item, be transformed into a delicious product with only the help of milk and icing sugar?

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