Spelling City (Prefixes and Suffixes)

This week, my words were about prefixes and suffixes. I had to spot the suffix or prefix in each of my words and write down the definition of the suffix or prefix.

anteroom  The prefix of anteroom is ante meaning before.

antebellum has the same prefix.

credential – The suffix of credential is ial meaning meaning connected to.

nebulous – The suffix of nebulous is ous meaning characterized by. nonadjustable – The prefix of nonadjustable is non meaning the absence of. The suffix of nonadjustable is able meaning having the power of doing something.

pseudonym – The suffix of pseudonym is nym meaning an anonymous name.

pandemonium – The prefix of pandemonium is pan meaning all.

orthopedics – The prefix of orthopedics is ortho meaning straight.

synchronize – The suffix of synchronise is ize meaning to make or become.

symphony – The prefix of symphony is sym meaning united.

vivacious – The suffix of vivacious is cious meaning full of.

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