Pearls (BTN)

Broome is known for its red dusty soil and beaches. But it is known best for it’s pearls, its industry starting in the 1800s. Western Australia is one of the biggest pearl industries in the world making something like $200 000 000 a year.

Pearls are beautiful shiny white spheres. But how are pearls actually made. Well, it starts in the dirty depths of the ocean. It all starts with a shell. If a foreign objects enters the shell, it is protected. It is kind of like the shell getting a splinter. Once the object enters the shell, its natural reaction is to protect it and coat it in a shiny white substance, eventually creating a perfect pearl. Pearlers dive in to the deep depths of the ocean to collect these raw pearls for manufacturing. While the pearls are at a raw state, they get sent to Japan so that it is processed into the manufactured finished product so that it is ready to sell and get turned into beautiful jewellery.

Did you know that the largest and most expensive pearl ever found is known as the Pearl of Lao Tzu? It measures 24 centimeters wide and weighs about six kilograms. It costs around $60 ooo ooo!

A question I would still like to know is what is the substance that coats the foreign object in the shell called?


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