What is Diabetes? (BTN)

I watched a video recently about types of diabetes and what it is.

When you eat sugar, most of it produces energy with the help of something called insulin. The problem with diabetic patients is that they don’t produce the insulin properly and the sugar gets out of control in their blood flow. Diabetic patient must control their sugar levels regularly by either eating sugar or taking insulin 3.

There are two types of diabetes. One is called type 1 and the other is called type 2. Type one is when your body doesn’t have enough sugar. But sugar can be a best friend or arch nemesis of a person with type 1 diabetes. Sometimes their sugar level might get a bit too high. This is when they need something called insulin 3.

Type two diabetes doesn’t really affect children and mainly affects adults. As you might have guessed, type 2 diabetes is  the opposite of type 1 diabetes. Type two diabetes is when the patient has too much sugar and needs to have a regular dose of insulin three and control the amount of sugar they digest. Diabetic patients need to have their sugar level checked regularly.

I now understand that if a diabetic patient happens to inject insulin three or sugar at the wrong time, they will become seriously sick and they might even die. This is why diabetic patients need to check their sugar level regularly.

No one has found the cure to diabetes, but scientists are looking for the cure. But that could be a while off. Some diabetic patients are born with cancer and others get it as they get older.

A question I have remaining is what happens inside the body when someone  is born with diabetes?


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