Gerard Bayden-Clay Court Case (BTN)

3 Recalls                                                                                         

  • Gerard Baden-Clay had a desire to start a new relationship with Toni McHugh without telling his wife, Alison. Alison spoke to him about it when she had found out and calmly asked him to choose her or Toni.
  • The court rejected Mr. Bayden-Clay’s appeal that the wounds on his cheek was of a shaving blade. The court strongly suggested that the wounds were of sharp nails like the one’s on Alison as she was struggling to fight free from her murderer’s (Gerard’s) grip.
  • Mr. Bayden-Clay was given a life sentence in prison and will at the minimum spend 15 years in jail before a parole.

2 Understandings

  • I understand why Bayden-Clay received a life sentence in prison. It is because of the way he brutally killed his wife before throwing her into a creek bed before calling triple zero to report her missing.
  • I understand why the members of Alison’s family strongly suspect Bayden-Clay as the murderer. This is because all the evidence points to it, one being the thought to be nail wound.

1 Question

  • A question I still have is why was Bayden- Clay so calm with the fact that his wife was dead even though he appealed to the court saying that he wasn’t the murderer?


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