GTAC Lesson 5

On June the 12th, 2014, Chris and Maria came to our school for our final lesson. We learnt about fair test and rusting. We learnt about independent variables, dependent variables, controlled variables and control. We did a couple of experiments to explore this more.

Some things I remember are that an independent variable is the condition that is changed by the scientist. I remember that a dependent variable is what you measure in response to the independent variable. A controlled variable is a condition that is kept the same throughout the experiment. I remember control is a similar test where the independent variable is left unchanged to produce a comparison.SAM_3822

Some things I know understand is that different temperatures change the results by a vast amount. For an experiment to have the same result. Nothing must me changed. The same amount of heat should also be considered.

A question I am still left with is why does an alka-seltzer tablet dissolve faster in hot water than cold water?

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