GTAC Lesson 4

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On the fourth of May, 2014, Chris and Jacinta came to our school for our fourth lesson. We explored the concept of chemical change to broaden our knowledge on irreversible and reversible change for our mini project.

We started off by applying our prior knowledge. We had to find some objects that were reversible and irreversible. After that, we started five experiments. We had to predict, observe and explain each one. Then we had to decide whether each one was reversible, or irreversible.

Some things I remember are that a reversible change is a change that can be overdone and that you can get the original substance back. I remember that a reversible change is often called a physical or temporary change. I also remember that an irreversible change is permanent and can’t be overdone.

Some things I know understand are the reactions of a chemical change. I understand how dangerous different chemicals are and understand that just a simple little change such as adding one oxygen can make a completely different and extremely dangerous substance.

I have learnt a lot during this lesson, but I am still unsure about some of the reasons why chemical changes happen.



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