The Five Facts of Fiction: A World Without Princes

Fact #1: Fiction is all about a character

Sophie is the main character of this book. She is immensely glamorous with luscious blonde curls and thick long lashes. With rose red lips, she smiles greatly. Sophie is quite comparable to a princess. But what lies beneath her fair skin is anything but beautiful. The insides of her are evil. Evil and desperate. 

Fact #2: Fiction is all about what your character wants

More than anything else in the world, Sophie wants to be with her best friend Agatha, and get rid of princes for good. Agatha however, wants her prince, Tedros, more than anything else in the world. Sophie would do anything to make Agatha choose her over Tedros. 

Fact # 3: Fiction is all about how your character gets or does not get what he/she wants

Sophie isn’t very successful at the end, but survives the obstacles along the way. Sophie was able keep Agatha as her friend, but still couldn’t stop Agatha’s desire for Tedros. Sophie has become very evil just to keep Agatha from Tedros even though Agatha trusted her.

Fact # 4: Fiction is all about how your character changes

In the beginning, Sophie was a kind and caring friend wishing for no more than her best friend. As a result of being dropped into the school of evil, Sophie turns out as a witch with nemesis dreams of her ex-best friend, Agatha. In the end, Sophie learns that friendship is everything when you are young, but when you’ve found love, your desire for it is much more than friends.

Fact # 5: Fiction is all about the world the author creates

In this book, Soman Chainani created the magical world of good and evil, full of witchcraft, wizardry, friendship and death. This book is a fantasy story enjoyed by readers mainly with interest in witchcraft and magic.
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