The 5 Big Questions: A World Without Princes

Big Question # 1: What makes this book good?

I believe ‘A World Without Princes’ is a good book because it has adventure and suspense. The suspense gets me gripped into the book wanting to know what happens next. The elements of the adventure are very interesting and engaging due to the mysterious aspects and descriptions. This book involves witchcraft and is a great thriller.

Big Question # 2: What would make this book better?

Something that would make this book better is a more exciting and interesting introduction. I find the introduction of this book a bit boring because it only talks about how life is going, family and friends. A more exciting introduction in my opinion would have emotion and a little climax that starts the adventure. In this book, the climax happens just a bit too suddenly.

Big Question # 3: What is the one most important thing the author wants you to know?

The one most important thing Soman Chainani probably wants me to know is that being evil has consequences. In this book, when Sophie turned evil, she suffered severe consequences and punishments. This is probably the moral of the story knowing that the series is called ‘The School for Good and Evil.

Big Question  #4: Why did the writer write this

Soman Chainaini wrote this to inform the reader that once something is done, can’t be re-done. In this book, Sophie did something evil that made her evil for life and that now scars her for life. She truly regrets it, but now, nothing can be done to change it. 

Big Question # 5: What does the audience need to know to understand and enjoy the book?

In my opinion, descriptions and suspense is extremely necessary to enjoy this book. Otherwise, I would simply find the story quick, and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the aspects of the story as much as I did.


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