100 word challenge week 35

I walked through the gateway scared and alone. No friend in sight. I sat down on the muddy bank, feet brushing against cold ripples of seaweed green water. My head throbbed against the ebony black rock as I clutched my stomach tightly. White light circled above me, like it was about to suck me in. I knew my world would be different from then on. Welcomed to a world of evil…

Thinking about my future of running away from villains and monsters made my stomach churn as though a metal hand just twisted my guts. What will happen to me?

One thought on “100 word challenge week 35

  1. Afrah you wrote a very thrilling story, and I could feel the tension in your words. I love your descriptive way of writing, like the “muddy” bank and “seaweed green” water – it makes your story very enjoyable to read. And I like how you end with a somewhat rhetorical question, leaving the reader to ponder the answer. Keep up the good work!

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