GTAC Lesson 2

On May the 14th, the 5/6s of Moonee Ponds Primary School had their second lesson with GTAC (Gene Technology Access Centre). Our lesson was about gases and its components, taught by Jacinta and Chris.

In the science lab, Jacinta and Chris discussed  with us, the movement of the particles in a gas. We were introduced to this subject by a simple experiment.

A bucket of water was handed over to each table along with a ping pong ball and plastic cup. The ping pong ball was to be gently dropped in to the water and the cup was used to press it down firmly.

We were all very surprised to see that there was only a little bit of water in the cup. There was mostly gas in the cup because the gas particles forces out the liquid particles. We explained this physically with body movement.

After doing that, we closed off our lesson by filling in a POE (Predict Observe Explain) chart.

Some things I remember is how to draw a POE chart and how to use it. I also know how to do the experiment.

Some things I know understand is the movement of gas and liquid particles as well as their bonds.

A question that still remains of me is why gas particles are stronger than liquid particles?

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