A 15 month-old boy fell from the 11th floor balcony of an apartment in Minneapolis last Sunday and somehow survived.

The baby (Musa Dayib) is in a critical but stable condition with many injuries including a concussion, broken back, broken arms and bruises to his heart and lung. The fall was initially thought to be devastating but turned out the opposite.

Musa Dayib and his 3 year old sister were playing in their apartment when unintentionally, Musa Dayib’s sister opened the balcony door to play a game of some sort. When Musa Dayib’s sister came to her father searching for Musa, the father sprinted to the balcony only to see Musa’s hand slide off the railing.

Musa was lucky to have landed on something soft. If that didn’t happen, Musa probably wouldn’t be alive today.

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