100 Word Challenge Week #31

Qualified astrophysicist, Mark Norton reports a UFO sighting in outer space.

“Hello. Crrr! (wireless problem sound). The UFO seem- Crr! To be a yellowi- Crr! Black colour. Crr! Looks freakishly- Crr! Like an alien- Crr! Shuttle,” Mark Norton reports.

5 mins later

“AAH! AAH! MAY DAY! MAY DAY! HUGE BEE ATTACK! AAH!” Mark Norton and his fellow colleagues chorused! An emergency space vehicle shot straight to outer space killing the vast bee in an instant with its super laser anti-animal spray.

The freakishly huge bee was analyzed and had a case of anti-minuscule disease. Soon enough, the contagious disease had spread…


One thought on “100 Word Challenge Week #31

  1. Afrah, Wow – I really enjoyed reading your 100 word challenge this week. Great use of the prompt. I like the perspective that you have written this piece from.

    Well done.

    Team 100WC.

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