100 Word Challenge Week 28

I sauntered home relaxed knowing that I had vacation. It turned out that vacation wasn’t until next week. I worked on my project which was due next term for three days straight until I received an email form my teacher saying that vacation was next week. It turned out that my project was due that day. I still had not finished. I was so worried. I had all eyes on me. “B-but,” I muttered. “But I thought I had enough time!” […]

25 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week 28

  1. Hi Afrah,
    I enjoyed reading your 100WC. I the verbs sauntered and muttered are great, well done!
    Miss Williams, Teaching Assistant
    Class 11, Hopwood C P School, England

  2. A really good story filled with different emotions. I think we all understand what it feels like to get a deadline wrong. Well done for taking part in the 100 Word Challenge this week.

  3. Hello Afrah,

    I love your 100 word challenge post this week. You have used great vocabulary (sauntered, muttered, e.t.c) and have made your story so life like as I think that everyone has probably got deadlines mixed up. The only criticism I have got is that it isn’t quite 100 words but you have done very well.

    Well Done.


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