100wc week 32

As the sun came out, morning had come. It was a beautiful day. The birds were singing, the leaves from trees were waving and it felt like the whole world was happy along with me. I went out into the garden and felt the warm breeze of morning. I lay down on the warm grass and made a grass angel. The day had come. It was my birthday!

4 thoughts on “100wc week 32

  1. Hello Afrah, I loved reading this! You paint a picture with words of such a beautiful, warm and gentle day. I loved the detail of making the grass angel and of course the final surprise that it was the narrator’s birthday…well done!

    • Hello Carol!
      Thank you.
      I got the idea of grass angels from snow angels as it is winter.
      I was about to put in snow angels, but then I wanted to be more creative and put in grass angels.
      Also because I wanted the day to be a bright birthday.
      I really appreciate the way in which you described my writing which helped me a lot by making me know to use adjectives like I used before when I write pieces like that.
      Thank you again for making time to read my text as I am sure you have to read many more pieces of writing.
      Do you like reading and writing descriptions?
      Yours sincerely,

  2. Hi Afrah,
    This is a really good piece of writing you used really good adjectives. You are a really good writer and I think you should keep this sort of writing up.

    From Eleanor

    • Hi Eleanor!
      You’re a really good writer as well!
      Actually you’re not a good writer.
      I like writing about murders as much us you do.
      I just find murder writing so creative.
      You can do whatever you want!(Not that I like murders. I TOTALLY HATE them.)
      I really like how you get people really involved in stories that they want to read more.
      Especially in “Train Murderers”.
      I really liked how you described the man as the “The Cloaked Man”.
      What happened to Rose?
      Thanks for spending time on my blog.
      I appreciate that you made time to do so.
      Yours sincerely,

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