Lost on a Mountain (story seed)

July 24, 2014

I stood on the mountain peak unable to breathe. I had sweated madly in search of my elder sister, Lora. My mind flashed back to what really bad thing happened that could put me in such terrible state.

I was rushing to get to the top of the mountain and I came upon a cave. When Lora caught up to me, I knew what she was thinking. She desperately wanted to find out what was in that cave just like me.  Lora and I walked inside the cave with our torches. It was getting really dark in the cave. And I heard thunder clouds.

A strong breeze heaved a huge rock and made it tumble making Lora and I stuck in the cave. I did everything I could to get us out of the cave. I pushed sharp rocks that made my hands bleed; I kicked rocks that made my foot ache, and I pushed rocks with my back which made it sting like fire. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning came streaking down at the floor which separated Lora and I. Then my mind went blank.

I lay unconscious on a lump of rock. When I got up, there was not any thunder. For a moment, I could not figure out where I was. Then I realized that I was on the other side of the mountain, and that the wind blew away my shoes. I looked around for my shoes in bare feet walking through some shattered glass. I could not find my shoes anywhere. But then I saw them, ripped a part on a broken bit of mountain. I was terrified in the isolated mountain. I looked around for Lora, but I did not find her anywhere. I could not remember on which part of the mountain the cave was, so I walked all the way to the peak of the mountain.

Now I am in this state. My arms and legs were bleeding, my head throbbed, my heart ached and my back was in pain. Then I stumbled. I fell down the mountain losing hope in every second.

When I landed, I bumped my head on a pile of rocks. “Claire, is that you?” said a voice.

“Lora, is that you? Inside that pile of rocks?” I replied.

“Yes,  it is Lora. Please try and get me out of here. I have such a limited amount of oxygen in this pile of rocks,” said terrified Lora.

“I will try everything I can,” I said.

“Thank you so much,” said Lora. I heaved a lose rock out of place so that I could see Lora face to face. Then in a flash, all the rocks tumbled over. Lora was free at last.

Lora and I were so happy to see each other and went all the way down the mountain together.

Pearls (BTN)

July 24, 2014

Broome is known for its red dusty soil and beaches. But it is known best for it’s pearls, its industry starting in the 1800s. Western Australia is one of the biggest pearl industries in the world making something like $200 000 000 a year.

Pearls are beautiful shiny white spheres. But how are pearls actually made. Well, it starts in the dirty depths of the ocean. It all starts with a shell. If a foreign objects enters the shell, it is protected. It is kind of like the shell getting a splinter. Once the object enters the shell, its natural reaction is to protect it and coat it in a shiny white substance, eventually creating a perfect pearl. Pearlers dive in to the deep depths of the ocean to collect these raw pearls for manufacturing. While the pearls are at a raw state, they get sent to Japan so that it is processed into the manufactured finished product so that it is ready to sell and get turned into beautiful jewellery.

Did you know that the largest and most expensive pearl ever found is known as the Pearl of Lao Tzu? It measures 24 centimeters wide and weighs about six kilograms. It costs around $60 ooo ooo!

A question I would still like to know is what is the substance that coats the foreign object in the shell called?


Maths Mate Term 3 Sheet 2 Problem Solving

July 23, 2014

Predict: I predict that this question is about finding the value of two numbers that add up to a certain value.

Read: Carl looked at the page numbers on the open book in front of him. The left and right page numbers added to 333. What were the numbers?

Clarifications: None

BIG question: What are the numbers?

Solution: Our two consecutive numbers have to add up to a number in the three – hundreds. Two equal numbers that add up to 300 is 150. Now we need to work with our remaining 33. 33 is in the 30s. So two equal numbers that add up to 30 is 15. Now we need to work with our three. We need two consecutive numbers that add up to 3. Those numbers are 1 and two. Now we have to add two sets of numbers:

1st set – 150 + 15 + 1

2nd set – 150 + 15 + 2
If we  add these together, we end up with our two consecutive numbers, 166 and 167.

Science Experiment: Rusting (Part 2)

July 18, 2014

Today we went to the science lab and got started with our rusting experiment. Theo was absent, so I was unable to complete our experiment. Our experiment was to have three screws. One normal one and one covered in cloth tape.

Here are my predictions:

   P    O    E
Cloth tape covered screw in salt water. I predict that the screw will rust slightly due to the little liquid particles inside the gaps of the tape that aren’t visible.
Normal screw in salt water I predict that the screw will rust because it doesn’t have any protective layer of any sort.



If you want more information, press the link below:

Science Experiment: Rusting (Part 1)


What is Diabetes? (BTN)

July 17, 2014

I watched a video recently about types of diabetes and what it is.

When you eat sugar, most of it produces energy with the help of something called insulin. The problem with diabetic patients is that they don’t produce the insulin properly and the sugar gets out of control in their blood flow. Diabetic patient must control their sugar levels regularly by either eating sugar or taking insulin 3.

There are two types of diabetes. One is called type 1 and the other is called type 2. Type one is when your body doesn’t have enough sugar. But sugar can be a best friend or arch nemesis of a person with type 1 diabetes. Sometimes their sugar level might get a bit too high. This is when they need something called insulin 3.

Type two diabetes doesn’t really affect children and mainly affects adults. As you might have guessed, type 2 diabetes is  the opposite of type 1 diabetes. Type two diabetes is when the patient has too much sugar and needs to have a regular dose of insulin three and control the amount of sugar they digest. Diabetic patients need to have their sugar level checked regularly.

I now understand that if a diabetic patient happens to inject insulin three or sugar at the wrong time, they will become seriously sick and they might even die. This is why diabetic patients need to check their sugar level regularly.

No one has found the cure to diabetes, but scientists are looking for the cure. But that could be a while off. Some diabetic patients are born with cancer and others get it as they get older.

A question I have remaining is what happens inside the body when someone  is born with diabetes?


Gerard Bayden-Clay Court Case (BTN)

July 15, 2014

3 Recalls                                                                                         

  • Gerard Baden-Clay had a desire to start a new relationship with Toni McHugh without telling his wife, Alison. Alison spoke to him about it when she had found out and calmly asked him to choose her or Toni.
  • The court rejected Mr. Bayden-Clay’s appeal that the wounds on his cheek was of a shaving blade. The court strongly suggested that the wounds were of sharp nails like the one’s on Alison as she was struggling to fight free from her murderer’s (Gerard’s) grip.
  • Mr. Bayden-Clay was given a life sentence in prison and will at the minimum spend 15 years in jail before a parole.

2 Understandings

  • I understand why Bayden-Clay received a life sentence in prison. It is because of the way he brutally killed his wife before throwing her into a creek bed before calling triple zero to report her missing.
  • I understand why the members of Alison’s family strongly suspect Bayden-Clay as the murderer. This is because all the evidence points to it, one being the thought to be nail wound.

1 Question

  • A question I still have is why was Bayden- Clay so calm with the fact that his wife was dead even though he appealed to the court saying that he wasn’t the murderer?


Maths Mate Term 3 Sheet 1 Problem Solving

July 15, 2014

Predict: I predict that this question will be about adding numbers to get a certain value.

Read: The sum of two consecutive whole numbers add up to 97. What are two numbers?

Clarifications: None

BIG Question: What are the two numbers?

Solution: 97 is the number we want to get to. It is in the nineties, so we need two equal numbers that add up to ninety. 45 +45 = 90. Now we need two consecutive numbers that add up to seven. 3 + 4 = 7. So we add three to one 45 and 4 to the other, so the two consecutive numbers that we end up with is 48 and 49, so that is your answer.

Journey Through Death Valley (Story seed)

July 15, 2014

My stomach ached and my head throbbed. I hiked on desperate to reach the peak of Springdale mountain. As my hands grazed the sharp rocks, my rigid legs forced me to the dilapidated road of death. The moment I was dreading. All but five men had successfully hiked across the path. I held my breath and balance myself not putting too much weight on one side or the other. I was about halfway across just when I heard a crack…

I was too scared to move. It was as if all the blood inside me had frozen solid. My stomach lurched as I fell into the deepest depths of Death Valley.

I hurled onto the ground as rocks and twigs grazed my entire body. I forced myself up and swiped the dust off my shoulders. I hunched my shoulders as blood streaked my damp face. I sat silently for a while and finally decided to walk on.

I came across a gate. It was a faded brown lined with a deep black and dotted with blood red specks. I gazed at it carefully and white sparks flew straight at me. I fingered the door and spotted a maths equation. A decimal equation. 0.01×0.01. I figured out the answer but was unsure of what to do with it. All of a sudden, a light grey balloon floated above me with the words: INSERT UP HERE written in deathly black bold. With my knowledge of physics, I figured the calculus to lever myself up to the roughly tiled roof without injuring myself. once I grazed my answer into the dirt, a trap door opened beneath me.

I plummeted to the rock hard ground fearing a severe head concussion. I pulled myself up and looked around the place. It was like a mine. Dirty, rusty and dark. I felt my way through the ‘thing’ just when a blinding light flashed straight at me. It was a torch. A little elf-like person stared up at me. he had a bright red upturned nose and long elf ears. He had scruffy brown hair and was wearing a black outfit with a brown border along with scraggy black trousers and sneakers. He lead me to the exit not saying a word.

As I walked out, I looked, starstruck at the view. I had walked right up to the edge of the steepest cliff I had ever seen. The wind was whooshing all around me as rain and lightning bolted from the swirling grey clouds. The clouds formed sentences:


Acid rain?! I was freaked. Science wasn’t my strong point. I guessed plasma. I grazed my answer on to the edge of the cliff and bit my tongue in anxiety. In a split second, I was sucked up into a whirlwind of dust.

I landed face first on a pile of mud which automatically came off me and stuck on to an oompa-loompa like little creature. It came off her as well. She walked away into the distance. The mud formed a paragraph. I had to put the correct punctuation in in five minutes, or else… I had no idea of what or else was, but I didn’t want to stay around and find out. I quickly wrote in the correct answers. I waited…

The mud cleared away and I saw a trap door. I climbed down to see a golden door embroidered with white lace and bordered with silver. It was labelled, Humble Door. There was a message written in velvet red:

Harry Potter. A world of fantasy.

Like the one you’ve just been through.

I am your version of dumbledore.

Walk through this door and your life goes

back to normal.

I walked through the door. Wait, what just happened.

Rusting Questions and Answers

July 15, 2014
  1. Why don’t some metals rust?

Because some metals have a protective covering on their suffuses such as aluminium is protective by a layer of aluminium oxide preventing a reaction  between oxygen and metals.

2. Why does it take some things longer to rust then others?

Because some metals have stronger and more protective layers than others

3. Why do materials rust?

Materials rust because of the compound because of the reaction between metal and oxygen.


4. What does rust look like?Machine generated alternative text:

5. How can rust be prevented?

Rust can be prevented before hand by avoiding an oxygen hit metal or by continually oiling it. It is irreversible.

6. Why does iron rust in water?

When water hits iron, it mixes with carbon dioxide in the air. This mix creates a weak carbonic acid, an electrolyte that starts to dissolve the iron. The dissolved iron then combines with the oxygen freed from the water.

7. Is the brownish things that grows on plants rust?

No. It is fungi.

8. Is fungi a form of rust?



June 27, 2014

Life seeped out of me as I suffered great torture. Blood escaped my chest as I gripped tightly, my churning stomach. A vision of fiery red burned my soul painfully. An intense sensation of agonizing pain filled my spine with rage. Rage powerful enough to turn dead into alive.

My deathly black cape reluctantly moved from side to side. My jet black hair tied itself into a skin pinching bun. I received strange looks everywhere I went. My thick hands grazed across brick houses as they screamed quietly in pain. Then I walked past a glass house…

An unusual glass house it was. With someone in it. It looked unusually like the villain that had cursed me. I had to be sure. I knocked on the door. A woman with a slim figure and freakishly pale skin answered. She wore a dark cape similar to mine. As I looked at her evil face, she wickedly smiled. A smile I always remembered. The smile I saw when I died. As I had suspected at first. Malificent. Even deadlier than the first.

Fighting in the cemetery, I desperately tried just to stab Malificent in the heart. I sweated madly lashing my sword from side to side. I felt intense anger inside me, building up as I had hoped, but not powerful enough to just ensure a cut on her. I was furious. So furious. And desperate. I was boiling. Like an animal dodging gunshots from hunters. As I was about to shove the sword into Malificent’s heart, I toppled over with her shield in my face. A burning sensation filled my spine just like the time she killed me first. All I remember is blood. That’s all I remembered, before I got the chance to live. For the 3rd time.

Above is a story I wrote from a first draft. In this version, I tied the introduction and conclusion together with feeling. I had intense feeling in the first paragraph as well at the last paragraph. For example, in the first paragraph and last paragraph, I talked about how tortured and angered the character felt. Some other ways I could have tied the introduction and conclusion together is by using, action, intriguing questions, sound effects or sensory descriptions in both paragraphs. In the middle two paragraphs, I used the paragraph sandwich to ensure that I had a good body structure of the story. The paragraph sandwich is a structure that you need to follow in each paragraph. In each paragraph, you need to have:

- Topic Sentence

- Supporting Sentence

- Describing Sentence

- Supporting Sentence

- Describing Sentence

- Supporting Sentence

- Describing Sentence

- Concluding Sentence

Along with all this, I had to make sure I was grammatically correct and I used good vocabulary/language as well as sentence fragments (I used mostly short sentences in the action and feeling parts to make the piece more suspenseful).