Valedictorian Speech

Welcome fellow year six students, teachers an parents to our year six graduation for 2014.

Primary school has been such a roller coaster; from Friday fun, to the excitement of camp in year three. We have never had time to spare an dull moment. It’s going to be hard to leave the school with people we have spent so much of our life with.

I will never forget the memories of this wild and exciting journey. Every learning skill that has been taught will be the reason for all our successes in the future. What Moonee Ponds Primary has taught us will stay firm in our sight, it has prepared us for the future, the first piece of our picture.

Moonee Ponds Primary has taught us to be intelligent. Many of us have been showcased on 100 Word Challenge which is a part of our weekly homework. Whether we have improved on Maths, English, or Science, we’ve all learnt how to gain interest in learning.

I have endless memories that started right back in prep. We were introduced to people, most of whom are still here with friendship bonds too strong to break. The year two sleepover was definitely the highlight of P-2, but I have got to admit that camp in year three was even better! Year five was a year I was definitely nervous to move up to. We got to experience so much leadership opportunities which came with a lot of responsibility. So many people worked at recesses and lunchtimes to do their work to the best level possible.

Every month was jam packed each month with a special event to pick out. We have had four principals, two name changes, and numerous specialists each with their unique talent which has taught us to be diverse. Diversity definitely shows in the year sixes. Getting to experience this all has been a lifelong gift.

It will be so hard to leave this journey. The day that we had been waiting for from prep, but the day that we now dread. It’s true that you only miss it when it’s gone. Starting in a new school with people you barely know will be nerve wracking, but how can starting fresh not sound exciting? But starting fresh doesn’t mean we will forget all our previous friendships and memories.

But our journey is definitely not over. We will work hard holding on to all the skills this school has taught us for another six years until we graduate in year twelve.

As we all bid farewell tonight, we won’t be leaving with all our past forgotten. We will stay with friendships, skills and memories that will remain for eternity. We will say goodbye with a smile on our face and our heads held high because we all are the graduates of Moonee Ponds Primary 2014.

Thank you


Maths Mate Term 4 Sheet 8 Problem Solving

Predict: I predict that this question is going to be about geometry.

Read: A square has a perimeter of 60cm. A rectangle has the shape of two of these squares placed side by side. What is the perimeter of the rectangle?

Clarifications: None

BIG Question: What is the perimeter of the rectangle

Solution: To find the length of each side, we have to divide 60 by 4 which equals 15. Now if we put to squares side by side, a long side of the recatngle would equal 30cm because we just have to plus 15 to 15. A short side of the rectangle would still equal 15. So 30 plus 15 equals 45. So if we double 45, we get our answer, 90cm.

Why my High School is the Best in Victoria

The SEAL program at Uni High is by far, the best high school in Victoria. Uni High prepares students for Uni, at an age as young as year seven by teaching so many learning skills including leadership and organization.

Firstly, Uni High is a huge school as big as any Uni. Class starts early in the morning at 8:30 and you only have five minutes to get all your stuff out of your locker and race around the school to get to your class. There are over 900 rooms at Uni High! Because of this, you need to be extremely organized (especcially if you are in the SEAL program due to extra subjects).

In addition, in the SEAL program, there is no homeroom just like any Uni. We just have to go to the class we have.

Adding on, in the SEAL program, there is pressure on getting all our homework done and on public speaking. We have lots of competition. Teachers teach their children so that they can gain interest in learning and be determined to win or try their best.

Over two thirds of the students in the SEAL program get over 90 percent in their VCE!

Lastly, Uni High teaches leadership. That is what Uni High is about, leadership. We get so many leadership opportunities like being an SRC and school captain in older years.

In conclusion, Uni High is definitely the best school in Victoria due to all the leadership opportunities, public speaking, the pressure and all the aspects of Uni. t443

100 Word Challenge Week 14

As the ship swayed, my stomach churned. I had massive sea sickness. “Why did we have go by ship. Couldn’t we’ve gone by plane?” I groaned. “You know we don’t have the money,” Dad explained. I steadied myself and limped to my cabin. I looked the frame of my mom. When she was here, everything was fine. A tear rolled down the side of the frame. I wish Dad died instead of her. “BANG!” I rushed to the deck and onto a lifeboat. Dad was drowning! His last screams was the last I heard of him. I love you Dad.


Week with the Prep, 1/2s

Last week was my week with the prep, 1/2s. So this is how the day started off…

I rushed up to put my bag in my locker and organized the things that I would be needing for the day. As the bell sounded, I walked down to Senada’s class. Soon enough, I started my worksheet. I skimmed through a lot of the questions, but I had to stop and research for some others. I was about halfway through the worksheet when the bell for reccess went.

At reccess, I hung around with the 1/2s and played two-touch with Ijaz, Sebastian and some other people.

After reccess, I completed my worksheet, but was left unsure about some questions.

Lunch came pretty quickly and went like the wind when I played skipping with Stephanie, Tasneem and Eva.

After lunch, I read quietly and wrote a thorough reading reflection.

That night, I finished my frameworks that I was supposed to do.

The next day, Takee, Raju and I went to David’s class. We worked on our solar project. We all brainstormed on what we could write. After that, I typed it all up. After printing all of it, Takee drew the first sketch of our solar cooker, I drew the second, and Raju drew the third.

At reccess, Takee spent spent his time trying to make Ijaz like him, while I sat back and watched all the fun.

After reccess, I helped the teachers organize some stuff, helped the 1/2s with their work, and read for a while.

At lunch, I spent my time designing a special pillow.

After lunch, it was the usual. I engaged myself in my wonderful book.

The next day, I was away because I woke up late and my parents refused to take me to school.

On Thursday and Friday, we spent the day with the preps, helping out the teachers and playing with the preps at reccess and lunch.

BTN Greenhouse Gasses

Some of the world’s  op scientists say that greenhouse gas levels are now the highest they’ve been in 800 000 years. The warning was contained in the United nation’s latest report on climate change which was released last week. Heat from the sun keeps us all happy, making trees stay alive and even making fruit grow. But how does too much heat affect the earth?

When heat hits the ozone layer, part of it gets absorbed and part of it goes up into space. On the way, some of it gets stuck by something called greenhouse gasses. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas.

A question I still have is why do some gases absorb heat and some reflect heat?


BTN Antarctica

I remember that researchers think of Antarctica as paradise. Antarctica stores all most up to ninety percent of the world’s ice. I also remember that it is one of the windiest places on earth.

Now I understand why Antarctica is paradise for scientists. It is because of all the scientific research they can do with the creatures and ice samples. I also understand now why so much money and equipment is forwarded to researchers.

A question I still have remaining is how do researchers know that they have found ice from up to a thousand years ago?

Bye Bye Bangladesh

So this is it

The end of my holiday

I wonder when, again we’ll visit

Now comes a new day

A new adventure to come …

Going to Bangladesh was a great adventure. Being with family and exploring my culture. I was interested in all the local traditions at Comilla and enjoyed celebrating all the festivals. jNow that I’m back here in Australia, I’m sad but happy that I’m going there again in some time.


Eid at Comilla

Eid at Comilla, Bangladesh (My dad’s side of the family lives there) was amazing. Let me start from the beginning… The day before Eid was filled with joy. A lot of you will be wondering what Eid is. Eid is a Muslim festival based on Islamic beliefs. Anyways, all the girls sat down to apply henna. My aunt Tanya applied mine, and I applied henna on a few of my younger cousins [I have so many cousins that I have lost count. Some of my cousins even have kids making me an auntie. That makes my uncle (my dad’s brother)who is in year seven a great uncle!].

On that evening we received a cow and three goats. I was really scared of the huge cow. Don’t laugh because there is a reason…

When I came to Bangladesh in year three, I went to see the cow that was going to be killed for Eid. Suddenly, when my dad was chatting happily away, the silly cow came chasing after me. I stuck on to the wall behind me and the cow nudged me into it’s drinking water filled with twigs, sticks, stones and hay. My dad reached out to save me but ended up falling on top of me. Luckily neither one of us were injured. After cleaning myself up I had a thought. I was the only one wearing red that day. I had a feeling that the so called cow was a bull. The thought of that made me shiver.

Anyways, moving on, the cow was one thing, but the goats were another. The eldest goat was calm and humble, but the other two goats caused complete chaos. Seriously, they could not keep quiet for one second! One of my younger cousins Himel, thought of a so called brilliant idea. He poured a huge amount of water on the two goats. Well that didn’t do anything. The goats screamed even louder. I didn’t think that I was going to have a peaceful sleep that night…

Well, as I thought, I definitely had a dodgy sleep. When all the boys got ready early in the morning and went to the Mosque to pray, all the girls got ready in their new glamorous dresses as well as doing their make-up. I wore a red and orange salwar kameez as well as sandals lined with fake crystals. I also wore jet black eye liner and dark red lipstick. I had my hair out and strutted toward’s my friend’s house.

The day went on like this having fun at my friends house, having delicious food prepared by my aunties at home.